August 7th, 2019 

The How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) franchise is one of the most popular among animated films - and with good reason. The films themselves are quite good, and their musical scores are even better.

This week's Film Cue For You is from the third film in the series: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019), with music by John Powell.

This cue conveys the film's many emotions with both its rousing full orchestra and its sweeter moments of smaller orchestration. It brings back musical themes from other HTTYD films in exciting ways.

Enjoy "Once There Were Dragons"!

 July 31st, 2019 

This week's Film Cue For You is from

Captain Marvel (2019), with music by Pinar Toprak.

Pinar Toprak is the first woman to compose

the score for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film,

and she did an outstanding job.

This cue and the entire Captain Marvel score are regal, exciting, and adventurous. The score absolutely underscores the titular female superhero very well.

Enjoy “Captain Marvel”!

 July 24th, 2019 

This week's Film Cue For You is from The Lion King (1994), with music by Hans Zimmer.

Many consider this score to be Zimmer's very best, not to mention the fact that it won Best Original Score at that year's Academy Awards.

Zimmer collaborated with South African composer

Lebo M. to craft authentic melodies and harmonies that underscore the beauty and emotion of The Lion King's story and setting gorgeously.

Enjoy "This Land" from The Lion King!

 July 17th, 2019 

This week's Film Cue For You is from the 1997 film Contact, with music by Alan Silvestri.

Mankind’s search for life beyond earth is a timeless theme in film. Director Robert Zemeckis crafted a psychological and thought-provoking film that does a unique job of answering the question of what would happen if we were to come into contact with extraterrestrial life.

Silvestri scored the film with heart-rending piano and woodwind melodies that are simple and intense, but segue into driving and exciting brass and strings effortlessly. This score and film combine to captivate the human mind.

Enjoy Contact's End Credits cue!

 July 10th, 2019 

Since Spider-Man: Far From Home was just released, this week's Film Cue For You revisits a film and a score that helped begin the era of incredible comic book films.

This cue gets an all-time favorite hero off to an epic start with sweeping orchestral themes and darkly heroic brass, helping to set this film and its sequels apart from all that came before.

Enjoy the Main Titles cue from Spider-Man (2002),

with music by Danny Elfman!

 June 26, 2019 


This week’s Film Cue For You is from a little known gem released in 2018: Summer of ‘84, with music by Le Matos.

The film follows a group of teenagers who suspect their police officer neighbor is a serial killer. When the adults around them do nothing, they decide to investigate for themselves, which leads to a surprisingly thrilling conclusion.

The score is is filled with synthesizers, and their rhythmic pulses and drones give the film a mysterious and chilling vibe that fits right into the 1980s setting.

Enjoy the main title theme, Summer Of ‘84!

 June 12th, 2019 

This week’s Film Cue For You is from the second entry in the #JurassicPark franchise, The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

The film was released in 1997, and like the first film, features a brilliant score by John Williams.

This march-like cue is the main musical theme of the film. It represents the mystery and adventure of the story so very well through orchestra, heavy percussion, woodwinds, and brass.

Enjoy The Lost World, and happy #JurassicJune!

 June 19th, 2019 


This week's Film Cue For You is from a classic:

West Side Story, released in 1961.

This cue, The West Side Story Overture,

will speak for itself when you listen with its

extremely catchy rhythms and harmonies.

Play it cool!


© 2019 by Caleb Burnett